New podcast about the transition to a clean energy economy in BC

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Energy transition is a key ingredient in moving toward a more sustainable way of living. In BC, we need to radically reduce our energy usage and move away from fossil fuels toward a clean energy economy based on technologies like solar power.  What is this clean energy economy and how will it affect the ways we live? Will all drivers use electric cars? Could our homes be built from hemp? Can aquaponics feed communities in northern BC? How will green jobs provide new opportunities as fossil fuel jobs decline? These are just some of the questions tackled in a new podcast series produced by Sierra Club BC. You can subscribe and download the podcast for free at For permaculture folks, this is a great podcast to share with friends and family who might not share your views or who are new to these ideas and are looking for inspiring, real-world examples of how we can make the needed shift to a new way of living in BC. When it comes to climate change, the debate is no longer whether we should move to clean energy, but how. Car manufacturers are moving to electric, building codes require energy efficiency, and countries like China and India are investing in alternative energy at a faster rate than anyone imagined. Sierra Club BC decided to take a look at what that means for our economy in BC. The podcast features ordinary BC residents who have creatively redesigned the ways they use energy; for example, an aquaponics business owner in Prince George producing lettuce year round using recycled water from a fresh fish farm, a retired naval architect building a home with blocks of hemp fiber, and a baker who started out with an electric car and ended up going green from top to bottom…

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