Some times circumstances occur that affect your ability to attend a course that you’ve paid for.
Here’s how we relate to these circumstances.


Weekend Course Policy

Each course has stated the non-refundable amount in the course description. This is usually directly under the course cost. Up until 7 days of the course start you can receive a refund for the total amount (including HST) minus the stated non-refundable course fee. After 7 days the total amount is forfit unless you find and personally arrange another participate to purchase your spot. If you must leave during the course no refund is provided.


Cancellation within 7 Days of Course Start Date

(for courses longer then a weekend)

Cancelling closer to the start date can happen and is a lot of work for our staff. If you cancel within 7 days of the course start date 30% of your total course fee (excluding HST) will be retained. The last week before a course is extremely busy for us in preparing for what we ensure is the best learning experience for students and a cancellaion, although sometimes unavoidable on the students’ part, introduces work and effort for the Permaculture BC team.

If you cancel for a Permaculture Design Certificate within 7 days of the start date 30% of the full tuition amount will be withheld (this applies to both early bird and full pricing).

For Example:
  • Full PDC Early Bird: $1999+HST(239.88)
  • 7 Day Cancellation 30% Fee: $599.70
  • Total Refunded: 1399.30+HST(239.88)

It can look a little confusing however we refund 70% of the total tuition if a student cancels within 7 days of a PDC start date.

If you must withdraw from the course no refund is provided.

We support students in learning about permaculture and if desired we will forward the tuition of the cancelled course to a future course within one year of initial registration.