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Family Food Security LIVE

By February 8, 2022 No Comments
Family Food Security LIVE


Feb 8, 2022 - Sep 6, 2022

Get ready to learn about:
– STORING enough food for your family for up to a year, or longer!

In 2020 and 2021 many people, you may be one of them, experience for the first time in their lives that our FOOD SYSTEM IS FRAGILE.

Watching the news and hearing every year how food prices are increasing again, how imports are become more insecure, and about the waste and environmental impacts of the modern system of industrial agriculture is scary, especially when you have a family or community to provide for.

Food across Canada is predicted to increase by $695 or more for a family of 4 in 2021. What is actually come out to was $1200.

It’s no surprise that families across North America are increasingly turning to growing and raising their own food.

Families just like yours.

But what does it take to grow food for a whole year?

Is it even worth it?

How would you store your food?

How much space does it take?

What about meats or proteins?

How can I ensure that I have a good relationship with local farmers and what are the right ways for me and my family to shop local?

Growing, sourcing and preserving enough food for your family to keep you secure and fed for an entire year requires planning, know how and support, and it’s COMPLETELY POSSIBLE.

During this multi-week online series, Natalie Pepin and Javan K. Bernakevitch will guide you to:

– How to determine how much food your family needs for a year with easy to use tools.
– How much you need to plant.
– How much space you will need in the garden.
– How to preserve or store the food you grow so it will last you the whole year.
– How to develop a food shed map that will allow you to build the relationships you will need to access the food you can’t grow, while still staying true to your values.
– How to create a garden plan that will tell you how many seeds of each type of veggie to plant, how far apart to plant them and even – when you’ll be able to harvest that food based on your growing season.
– What equipment you will need for growing your garden.
– What equipment you’ll need in order to process and store all of your food.

You’ll be in the company of like-minded aficionados, family focused folks, foodies, and a learning community that’s motivated to learn more about both regenerative agriculture and how we can provide better food for our families with lower cost and build personal and family resiliency in the process.

Coming out of this workshop you will have, tailored to your family’s needs a:
– learning community to grow and learn with;
– food storage/need plan;
– garden plan;
– protein strategy;
– personalized local food shed map and implement strategy for food you can’t grow yourself;
– water bath canning plan;
– foraging food plan;
– fermentation plan for your food storage needs;
– dehydration and food preservation plan;
– pantry plan for dry storage goods;
– food storage maintenance and meal plan.


– Folks who want to learn how to provide enough food for their family without daily access to the grocery store;
– Anyone who’s aware that food prices are increasing and wants to do something about it;
– Anyone who saw their local food supply chain’s fragility and thought ‘perhaps I should secure my food supply a little better?’;
– Homesteaders;
– Urban gardeners;
– City Slickers;
• Anyone who’s keen to learn more about planning, sourcing, growing and storing enough food for yourself or your family for a year or longer;

NOTE – No previous knowledge of food growing is necessary.




Tuesdays at 5pm PST

90 Minutes of Q&A

Class 1 – Feb 8th (Intro)
Class 2 – Feb 15th (Planning food storage)
Class 3 – Mar 8th (Garden plan)
Class 4 – Mar 29th (Protein plan)
Class 5 – April 19th (Food shed)
Class 6 – May 10th (Water bath and freezing)
Class 7 – May 31st (Foraging)
Class 8 – June 21st (Pressure canning)
Class 9 – July 12th (Fermenting)
Class 10 – Aug 2nd (Dehydrating and root cellaring)
Class 11 – Aug 23rd (Pantry)
Class 12 – Sept 6th (Use and Care)




PRICE – $599 USD

NOTE – Payment plans are available for an additional 15% fee.