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Eat Well Introduction

By April 9, 2022 No Comments
Eat Well Introduction


Apr 9, 2022 -

We all need it BUT is the food you make at home, delicious? Is it nutritious? AND is it good for you and your local ECOLOGY?
One of the major missing links in regenerative living is how to marry excellent food sourcing choices while increasing the flavour and enjoyment of our meals at the same time.
Enter Chef Seth.
Seth is a Chef who’s also a regenerative urban land designer, who’s also a father, who’s also an advocate for local food and every time I’ve eaten his food OR eaten food that’s been inspired by his principles or recipes I think “How did I live this long without know how to do this?”
In just a week and half Chef Seth will be kicking off a series of Eat Well online cooking together classes.
Having already had a peak at the course, and already learned how to balance fats, salt and vinegar for exceptional flavour profile I can say this… take this course.
Anything that Chef Seth does is mandatory attendance for me.
Check it out,