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Canadian and African Seven Ravens 8 Week PDC

By September 19, 2016 No Comments
Canadian and African Seven Ravens 8 Week PDC


Sep 19, 2016 - Nov 11, 2016


Seven Ravens

2016 Fall Course | Sept. 19th – Oct. 14th at Seven Ravens Farm & Oct. 19th – Nov. 11th in Kenya and Uganda

This course will be geared to those students that will want to go into the field in the developing world as well as students who want to create their own permaculture future. The course will be split up between a month at Seven Ravens where we will have a crash course on all the major aspects of permaculture and then three and a half weeks in the field in East Africa.

We will start off the journey in Kenya exploring one of the best permaculture projects in East Africa at Redshank Farm near Nakuru. It offers an exemplary model of permaculture diversity with food forests, aquaculture systems, biogas, tree nurseries, charcoal kilns, forest plantations, animal systems, honey bees and a very successful seed growing business.

During our time at Redshank we will have the opportunity to go for a one day game drive to Nakuru National Park to see the incredible wild life that Africa has to offer.

After 3 days we will be heading to Western Kenya to stay at the thriving Practical Permaculture Institute of Kenya which we established in 2013. JB the director of PPIK has since run dozens of permaculture projects teaching hundreds of new permaculture teachers.

This will offer a very rare opportunity for students to see what is involved in running a Permaculture Teacher Training Centre first hand, the opportunities, the successes and the challenges involved in developing projects overseas. For us it will be an important fact finding mission to evaluate the school and to help make changes that will guarantee it’s success into the future.

In addition we will work with the neighbouring school to initiate a long term permaculture project. We will be designing and implementing an installation that will be able to grow ample amounts of food for a feeding program for the school which will have an incredible impact on the schools academic and athletic future. Empowered by such knowledge, the students and teachers will join us to convert their school property into a permaculture farm, to teach the children and surrounding community about permaculture.

The last part of the journey will take us to Uganda past the Lake Victoria source of the Nile to Calagi a small town 25 KMS east of Kampala. We will go to the House of Joy, our second Permaculture Teacher Training Centre PPIU. Here you will see the phenomenal gardens that we established 2 years ago as well as the gardens that have since been established which collectively are supplying 90% of all the food required by the 350 plus students and staff. We will spend time here developing additional permaculture installations to provide for more diversity and economic opportunities for both the House of Joy as well as PPIU.

Get inspired to see how much can happen in such a short period of time whilst always adhering to organic principals. Complexity provides greater opportunities and our imaginations are the limiting factors, so we are always challenged to come up with better ways of doing things.


For $200 off of the course use course code PBC2016 when registering with Seven Ravens. 

To learn more about the course click here.