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Land Design Mentorship

By March 5, 2019 No Comments
Land Design Mentorship


Mar 5, 2019 - May 14, 2019


An opportunity for Permaculture Design graduates to take the next step in their practical permaculture education.

Turn theory into action.

Connect with like minded colleagues and people.

Learn from the expertise of seasoned designers.

Save time and money.

Avoid mistakes.

Grow a business.

Design the land and life of your dreams.



Hey Folks,

Thanks for stopping by Land Design Mentorship.

I’m glad you are here and I thank you for being involved in permaculture in some way, shape or form. The world is constantly changing, and the door that permaculture opens allows you to be more skilled in creating your land and life to not only grow better every year but weather what the future will bring.

The idea for LDM came from my own experience after my Permaculture Design Course, 10 years ago. Following the course, I wasn’t sure how to apply the PDC to my life and work.

Did I want to develop this skill of land diagnosis, design and implementation for myself or for others professionally?

How do I go about working on my first design?

How do I prioritize my needs or the needs of the client?

How do I install my design? How do I maintain what I’ve built?

I had more questions than answers.

I ended up reaching out to numerous mentors, teachers, and practitioners who all held a small piece of the practical education I was looking for. I spent a lot of time and money ~ 5 years and $45,000 ~ to gather the tools, resources and information I was seeking.

Collectively, Neil and I seen hundreds of students go through PDC’s each year, who graduate wanting more but are stuck on the “how to” nature of design. We thought “What if we created a program that helps PDC graduates with their questions at a fraction of what we paid?”

We are excited to help folks through the same problems we encountered years ago.

Here we are, with an opportunity.

We are inviting you to connect with us twice a week, ask any question under the sun to move you forward in your practical education and application of regenerative land design, installation and care.

I am excited to help you along your way.


Javan K Bernakevitch



Tuesday and Thursday for 1.5hrs

March 5th – May 14th 2019


Live on Zoom

Private Facebook Group

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