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Oregon State University’s Advanced Design for Climate Resilience

By February 7, 2022 No Comments
Oregon State University's Advanced Design for Climate Resilience

As the climate shifts around the globe, it is increasingly important for the permaculture designer to understand global trends and incorporate sound design to mitigate negative impacts.

This advanced permaculture course focuses on teaching you to build climate change resilience as a design layer, provided you’re already experienced in permaculture and ecological design.

Advanced Permaculture Design Tools

Through writing the report you will analyze the particular conditions of your climate zone, locate analogous climates to your own, assesses climate change forecasts, locate areas that are analogous to your forecasted climate zone, and synthesize the information into a set of strategies and directives.

You will learn:

  • Basic use of Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Earth tools and file systems
  • Climate classification systems
  • Science-based climate change forecasting models
  • Climate change analogue tools
  • Design strategies for extreme weather and climate

The content of this course is primarily produced by Oregon State permaculture instructor Andrew Millison. You will use Andrew’s textbook that was custom created for this course, Permaculture Design Tools for Climate Resilience.

You will also rely on and interact with video presentations, podcasts, instructional screencasts, illustrated lectures, an extensive library of links to additional resources and a customized report template.


If you’re interested here’s a 5% discount code.


Here’s where to sign up:

Oregon State University Advanced Design for Climate Resilience


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