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Oregon State University’s Spring Permaculture Design Certificate – ONLINE

By April 1, 2019 No Comments
Oregon State University's Spring Permaculture Design Certificate - ONLINE

I get it.

Not everyone can attend a Permaculture Design Course in person.

Schedule’s clash. Locations are too far away and sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

When people ask:

“Should I take an in person PDC or an online course?”

My answer is:

“Absolutely yes!”

But if you are chomping at the bit for an permaculture education and can’t wait…

This is the PDC for you.

I’ve looked through Geoff Lawton’s PDC and it’s great. Good information, good communiy, a little heavy on the swale dogma but good context.

Then I looked at Oregon State University’s PDC and I was blown away at the level of education offered including:

  • in depth informationĀ sourced from practitioners across the world,
  • serving an international student body (France, Sweden, New Zealand, all cross continental USA including Hawaii, Austria, Portugal, Canada (coast to coast), Switzerland, Tanzania, Denmark, Kenya, Uganda, and more),
  • 21 Assignments, based on your site, each getting one on one feedback from instructors who are not only educators, but first and foremost practitioners,
  • all from where ever you are in the world.

Not bad.

I wanted to see if folks who followed my work could get a discount.

The university said yes.

So one of most financially accessible PDC’s I’ve seen charging $840 + $60 OSU registration fee, with a 5% discount drops the course to $788.

Not bad for your first PDC.

Did I say first?

Yup, I did.

As David Shaw said, “A PDC is a great place to start, but a terrible place to STOP.” Your first PDC lays the foundation for your second PDC and a life of education that serves you and a values based life.

Hope this helps folks.

Almost forgot, here’s the 5% discount code.



Here’s where to sign up:

Oregon State University Permaculture Design Certificate Online

View examples of previous student projects


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