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LAWFUL PERMACULTURE: An immersed learning permaculture journey like no other! OUR ECOVILLAGE is hosting a conference style ‘dreamcatcher’ of teachers/facilitators/children & family programming…..all in one space and all fully interconnected with the peoples, processes and placemaking of ‘Going Village’. Unique in that some folks come as they are obtaining University credit, others wish to have their family become part of the journey to change how they live, others are full out science and systems folks and know they can find fully interconnected design that is LEGAL and fully approved/permitted/or otherwise been created as a precedent in Canada. With an additional focus on activism (not fighting!)/activating community and family, a deeply grounded earth connection, and a 20yrs in the making Ecovillage. You can not find this in another Canadian location…..and you are invited to immerse yourself in a nurturing and ecologically design/built environment. Come meet a buffet of teachers, camp or sleep in cob/strawbale buildings, approved composting toilets, and a range of regulatory and approval officials come and talk with us as well! More questions:

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