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Permaculture Design Immersion Course in British Columbia taught by Larry Santoyo

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Permaculture Design Immersion Course in British Columbia taught by Larry Santoyo

In order to transform the world and create a more sustainable existence, we must first take responsibility in our own lives and in our community. Our collective actions towards this abundant future must be empowering, intentional, and self-correcting. The solutions to our common problems are found in the vital study of the ecosystems that surround us, both constructed and wild. The necessary practices to overcome any obstacle are revealed in our demonstration that all things, no matter their size, are a larger part of the whole.

The Permaculture Design Certificate Course is the foundation of Permaculture education and it includes:

Mollisonian Design Ethics & The Origins of Form
Indicators of Sustainability
Design Methodologies, Sectors & Zones
Base Mapping & Property Design
Geolocational Profiling
Reversing Erosion & Watershed Management Practices
Greywater Systems
Soils, Compost & Mulch
Passive Cooling & Heating Techniques
Strawbale, Cob and Adobe Buildings
Wilderness Preservation
Horticultural Designs
Eco-neighborhoods and Intentional Communities
Business Guilds and Cooperatives
Alternative Banking Strategies

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