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Sep 8, 2017 - Sep 8, 2019

Curtis Stone is a friend.

He’s a colleague.

And he turned one of the most persistent myths about farming on its head.

“Farming isn’t profitable”

Permaculture is an A-Z solution, we don’t know everything that’s needed to get to that far reaching idea of ‘permanent culture’.

Between here and there, there are more than a few B-C and L-M solutions that are needed to bring about the world we need.

That’s where Curtis comes into play.

He started his work intrigued by permaculture, but permaculture is huge. And a bit nebulous, hard to pin down.

So he found a production system of farming, in the city, on other people’s land and since 2008 has been proving you can make a good income, feed local demand for high-value crops all while being in the city.

There’s more than a few people who disagree that urban farming, profitable urban farming at that, doesn’t belong in permaculture.

Profitable Urban Farming is a tool in the tool box.

A step on the road.

A way to fund the dream.

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