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Social Permaculture: Human Ecology, Self & Bioregional Community

By September 29, 2018 No Comments
Social Permaculture: Human Ecology, Self & Bioregional Community


Sep 29, 2018 - Sep 30, 2018


Collective Space

Late September is a wonderful time of year to and re-connect and get cozy together as a community. To anchor the fall season, Collective Space is extremely pleased to announce that the much-anticipated international permaculture and ecovillage teacher, Jillian Hovey, has arrived in Duncan! She is fresh from helping to lead the Permaculture Convergence on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota near Standing Rock, and will be with us to hold space for a weekend exploring Social Permaculture.

This will be a rich and meaningful exploration of applying permaculture principles & practices in a wholistic way, by lifting up and developing skill in personal & social literacy. And, it is a rare opportunity to spend quality time with a gifted and experienced teacher/facilitator/space holder, whose practice is at the leading edge of social permaculture internationally.

This workshop is suitable for a range of people, from those who are experienced in permaculture and/or who are facilitators of social processes, through to those who are curious and nearer the start of their journey.


This workshop will cover the fundamentals of Permaculture Practice:

– Permaculture History, Ethics, Prime Directive
– Permaculture Principles
– Wholistic Site Assessment
– Permaculture Design Process
– Permaculture Design Tools Applied to the Human Landscape:
– Zones & Sectors;
– Needs, Yields, Behaviours & Characteristics (of self and others);
– Random Assembly
– Wild Design Exercise
– Client Interview
– Situation Mapping & Analysis
– Layers of a Forest Garden (Applied to Human Ecologies)
– Design Work: Designing for a project of yours or joining a group around another project

This workshop will also include tools from the Ecovillage Design Course, such as:

– Dragon Dreaming Quadrants – Different Ways of Seeing & Being
– Active Listening Sharing and Circle Time
– Spiral Dynamics
– The Ecology of Co-Creating Community
– Bioregionalism
– Visioning & Your Future Self

At the core of this workshop will be:
– Seeing into Ourselves as “Core Zone 00” Skills
– The Complexity of the Collective
– Catalyzing Bioregional Community

And there will be support in terms of “Resources, Next Steps, and Connecting with Community for Your Onward Journey.”


The workshop will be held at Collective Space, at 166 Station Street in Duncan, on Saturday & Sunday, September 29 & 30. The hours are from 9am to 6pm each day, with mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks, as well as a lunch break.

While people are encouraged to attend the entire workshop, we realize that some are not able to. So, you may come for all or part of the day on Saturday, and that will be a full and complete day in itself. Sunday will be reserved for people who have attended on Saturday, as we will deepen our work together that day.

This is a sliding scale that we think is reflective of people’s ability to pay and the value of the workshop. We do not want money to be an impediment to attending – we would prefer that you join in, and pay what you can. And, we want to co-create a culture of real financial value around this work, and support people who have dedicated themselves to this path. Please reflect on what and how you can value this work.

You may also attend for just the Saturday, or the Saturday morning or afternoon. The requests for Donation are:

$60 – 100 for a half day
$100 – 200 for a full day

There will be hot drinks available before the workshop starts, and all day. There will also be mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. Lunch is available both days for a small fee, or you can bring a potluck item in lieu of financial contribution.


To reserve your spot, please pay a $50 deposit. You can give it to Cody in person, or pay to PayPal at Jillian@Permaculture.Net, or an e-transfer to You can pay the balance after you have experienced the workshop.


Jillian is a leading edge practitioner of regenerative systems design who works creatively and collaboratively with individuals and groups on a wide range of projects. She has taught and consulted in Permaculture and eco community projects in over 30 countries across North & Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand. Jillian has strong background in traditional biophysical aspects of the permaculture and has a deep history of connection with land and nature. She has seen in over 25+ years of practice, that where we need to develop the most skill is in the “Human Landscapes” and that we need need to develop literacy and skills in “Human Ecologies.” Through her facilitation, teaching, coaching & mentorship, she supports others to connect with the matrix of our human and biological existence, and to bring our whole selves to permaculture practice. Her presence is a deep support for us to grow into a webwork of more response-able human beings who can be positive actors for co-creating new possibilities and regeneration of our world.

We are lucky to have Jillian here in Duncan, to support us individually, and collectively on our regenerative path bioregionally.

We will have fun developing skill in Social Permaculture by practicing applying a core permaculture analytical tool to ourselves and others. This is a powerful window into the core needs that we are designing for as permaculturalists.


Cody Wicks can be reached at
Or you can send a message here through Collective Space’s Facebook page.
Jillian can be reached at

This workshop will rock!! We encourage you to register ASAP to secure a space.

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