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TreeEater Farm is seeking a Nursery/Farm Apprentice from February 15 to October 15th

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TreeEater Farm is seeking a Nursery/Farm Apprentice from February 15 to October 15th


This is a full-time position that is ideal for a couple, or a single person interested in receiving a practical education in nursery and general farm management. You will be working full-time assisting Peter in the running of TreeEater Nursery, a thriving edible plant business. This will entail learning and enacting all forms of fruit and nut tree propagation (including seeding, cuttings, grafting and stooling) greenhouse management, orchard maintenance and growth and assisting in front-end relations and selling. In addition to nursery work this position also offers more diverse farm learning/homestead skills such as animal husbandry, construction, annual gardening and food processing.

What we are looking for:

Applicants must have at least 1 season of experience working or volunteering in farming/gardening, and a keen motivation to learn farm and nursery skills.

We are looking for enthusiastic, hard working, positive, community minded, passionate folks who value healthy communication and personal and collective well being.

The successful applicants will be self-motivated and enjoy working as part of our farm team, and be competent doing a certain amount of self-directed tasks and holding down some basic responsibility in some areas of the farm.

Everyday we work together and share food, stories, learning, and grunt work. We value people who are fun, flexible, open minded, are willing to be honest and take initiative in the realms of communication, and who have high personal standards of work and integrity.

We would be happy to consider a couple instead of an individual. In which case we would negotiate having two apprentices for the year.

What you will get:

In exchange we can offer a stipend of $300-$500/month, depending on seasonality and skill level, hand-built accommodation with amenities, delicious and healthy farm food (and the store bought stuff that we still need), and an in-depth education in farm things as listed above. We will do formal book learning/theory/presentations once a month on relevant topics. Apprentices will have at least 2-3 weeks off over the summer.

To Apply:

Please send us a letter of intent explaining why you want to be an apprentice at Treeeater Farm to, what you hope to learn, and what gifts and skills you bring with you, along with a brief resume and a few references. Applications should be received by January 15 2019 at the latest.

About Us:

We are 15 years into the creation of TreeEater Farm. We tend several acres of mixed orchards and pastures, large annual gardens, greenhouses and one western Canada’s most exciting edibles nurseries: we work with several hundred different food bearing perennials. We also run a small farm-to-table catering business, and work with a small herd of KuneKune pigs and a gaggle of poultry. We are still logging, milling, fencing, building and getting set up after all these years!

Peter has training in anthropology, environmental studies and outdoor education. His primary strength is in hard-skills and turning ideas into material reality. He is a multi-talented human who does a variety of things: running the nursery, acting as farm handyman, making buildings out of farm trees, and hunting and butchering animals.

Magdalene has a background in herbal medicine and nutrition, runs a farm-to-table catering business, and makes jewelry for fun and money. Her passion is growing and producing a wide range of foods and transforming the garden into beautiful meals. She tends the garden and does support work for the nursery, as well as supporting our homeschooling teen in his learning.

There are several other folks living here with us. Raphae is a crafty and musical home-learning teenager. Joshua works on forestry/firewood related things, human resources, and keeps us all laughing. Princess Alba is a beautiful new livestock guard in training. Lichen is a friend who gardens with us and makes amazing Kimchee.

Check out our website for more info about TreeEater Farm and Nursery:

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