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Fermentation Revolution: making allies with bacteria

By October 24, 2017 No Comments

Fermented foods – like bread, cheese, wine and beer – have long been dietary staples. But the last few years have seen an upsurge in interest in home fermentation, with cooks making their own kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt – and more complicated concoctions.
Best of all, everybody can preserve at home this way and for cheap !

Homemade fermentation is a low-cost probiotic panacea ! It prolongs the life of your food, revives the immune system, soothes the digestive and nervous systems, regulates metabolism, wakes up your taste buds and brighten all meals! “There are only advantages to fermenting !”

That is why food entrepreneurs, authors and all-around fermentation geeks David Coté and Sébastien Bureau teamed up with Possiblemedia. Sharing the ins and outs of traditional fermentation processes with a casual, humorous tone, and recipes that are not particularly rigid.

Fermentation Revolution is an educational documentary filmed over several months in Quebec. It offers an unprecedented collection of fermentation methods, with an emphasis on their simplicity and ease of making.
After years of refining the tools and techniques, this dynamic duo invites you to discover the result of their work through simple, fool-proof recipes. An invitation to embark on a new and exciting gustatory journey, to retake control over your food, to improve your health and revolutionize your life and your guts with some fermentation goodness!

While fermentation may be good for you, Bureau and Côté say their main motivations are getting people to experiment, discover different flavours and have fun in the kitchen. Côté is a believer in not taking a dogmatic, puritan approach to healthy food. “We want to eat healthy, but not hear too much about it,” he says.

“It’s really meant for you to play in the kitchen,” Côté says. “Making food is not supposed to be stressful; it’s supposed to be fun. You’re taking back control of your kitchen. You’re not thinking this is serious stuff, this is dangerous, this is complex – you’re just going back to the roots.”

Over 90 minutes of beautiful HD footage, the movie takes you through some theory and teaches you a variety of tools, techniques and recipes including :
Sauerkraut and lactofermentation
Water and Milk Kefir
Vegan and non-Vegan cheese
Sourdough, Bread and Naan
Shrub, Cider, Hydromel
Wine Fruits
Koji, Sake
and more …

They are running a crowdfunding campaign to help them finnish the editing and post-production of the film, and offer discount prices before the official launch in 2018.

It just takes a Mason jar and some patience , grab your jars, the hour of the probiotic revolution has come with Fermentation Revolution !

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