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Food Forests: Gardening for 1000 Years – Resources Recipes and Riches

By November 16, 2017 No Comments

This introduction to Food Forestry combines the many years of renowned expert Richard Walker’s food forestry trials and experience, with Javan K. Bernakevitch’s recent work in permaculture design and installations.

We’ve covered topics from ecological and human functions to proper guild design; provided recipes for soil creation and fungicide; and included regionally-specific sourcing of plants and seeds for a readable, concise and highly informative introduction to food forestry.

Included in this guide you’ll find:

Ecological functions and benefits to humans that plants provide

• Introduction to companion planting perennials (guilds)

• Soil Recipes

– homemade fungicide

– potting mix

– fungally dominated compost (for forest gardens)

–  bacterially dominated compost (for home gardens)

• Human Health Recipes

– Cabbage Acidophilus Recipe

– Human Health Recipes – Kicharee

• Sources for Materials and Supplies

– Nurseries and Plants

– Equipment

– Further reading

Plus a delicious Center Spread: The 9 Layers of Food Forests!

Proceeds of this product go towards purchasing supplies and materials for sustainable agriculture installations in Cuba, Kenya and Uganda.

My thanks for your visiting this product and hope your interest in Food Forestry continues.

Be Fruitful and Mulch Apply,

Javan K. Bernakevitch