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Seeking permaculture people to live on our land.

Charles and Elizabeth are seeking people who want to live on Snowshoe Creek, a 500 acre property on the Fraser River, 1 hour west of McBride, BC. We have a fenced 1 acre garden with raspberries, strawberries, black currants, rhubarb and asparagus. If you are interested, you will be independent, have carpentry, mechanical, permaculture and other skills to be sustainable on an off the grid property. There is a well-built cabin, wired/plumbed, solar and generator powered.

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Easy to Understand Permaculture – A Book of Solutions

It takes a teacher to teach. There are many permaculturists, and practitioners that write and teach YET not all of them are writers and teachers. Here’s where Matt Powers shine. He’s a¬†teacher. A performer. A seed saver, and all round exceptional human. And he saw the need as many others have to have a READABLE permaculture book that helps to explain concepts and strategies at an elementary level without devolving into a children’s book (which he’s written as well). The Permaculture Student 2 compiles a host of solutions digested into their most simple forms and presented in this incredible book. In truth, the online version has been more useful than a hard copy as I can search through it. But I’ll let you decided, you won’t be disappointed with this book in your library. Click here to purchase.¬†

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